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Kyiv National Medical University

KYIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY (O.O. Bogomolets) is suited in Kyiv and it is the main leading medical institution of Ukraine. Its history starts in 1841 when a Medical Faculty under Kyiv Saint Volodymyr University was opened having 29 students.
In 2011 Bogomolets National Medical University celebrated its 170th anniversary since foundation. Kyiv National Medical University is a leading medical university in Ukraine of higher learning in educational, methodical and humanitarian activities. It is also the leading scientific and preventive care centre. It is the chief higher medical educational establishment among the higher medical school in Ukraine on academic and methodical work and improvement of qualification for scientific and teaching staff at higher medical school of Ukraine of I-IV accreditation level. The University is awarded with the gold medal at international exhibition of educational institutions, modern education in Ukraine in different nomination for last many years.
According to the state rating from Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the University takes the first place among higher Medical schools of III and IV accreditation levels. The University is the partner in consortium of European Universities; in September 2011 it joined the Magna Charta Universitatum. Approximately 1200 high skilled specialists from independent Ukraine, countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America graduate from the University. Currently university has 11800 students, postgraduate students, doctoral students, residents, masters, doctors-interns, including 1200 foreign citizen from 63 countries. During its activity the university has prepared 82 thousands of doctors and pharmacists, including 3000 specialists from foreign countries.


• Medical Faculty №1(Training doctors with the specialty ‘medicine business’)
• Medical Faculty №2 (Training doctors with the specialty ‘medicine business’)
• Medical Faculty №3 (Training doctors with the specialty ‘pediatrics’)
• Medical Faculty №4 (Training doctors with the specialty ‘medical and preventative care’)
• Dental Faculty
• Pharmaceutical Faculty
• Medical Psychology Faculty
• Faculty for Training of Doctors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
• Medical Engineering Faculty
• Faculty on training foreign citizens
• Faculty for Advance Training



Academic staff of NMU is one of the strongest in highest medical school of Ukraine. It combines 80 departments where more than 1200 lecturers work. Among them there are 140 professors, 189 doctors of science, 338 assistant professors and 720 candidates of science, more than 200 academicians and corresponding members of NAS, AMS, APS of Ukraine, laureates of State Prize of Ukraine, honorary workers of science and technology, workers of education and doctors, as well as inventors of Ukraine. Medium of Instructions are English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Total 7 hostel buildings, 12 student canteens and cafeteria, sport complex, sanatorium-prevantorium per 75 places and recreation center are there in the campus area.

Library and Research

The Kyiv National Medical University library accounts for more than 700,000 units of scientific literature including electronic database supply and 2 computer reading halls with internet access.
Bogomolets National Medical University presented its 22 Departments, patent and license division and the Institute of Immunology and Allergology within its exposition at Medical Forum – 2009. The results of the NMU scientific researchers have been awarded with 43 diplomas. NMU has been declared a winner and decorated with the golden medal, awarded in category “Integration of Science and Education – necessary condition for improved quality of specialists’ training at higher education institutions” of ХІІ International Exhibition of Educational Institutions “Contemporary Education in Ukraine – 2009” (25-27.02.2009, Kyiv) and confirmed its honorary title of “Leader in development of modern means of education”.

Student Life In University

Student’s academic process at NMU is carried out in the different classrooms classes (lectures, laboratory, practical, seminar classes, consultations), exercising of individual tasks, students’ individual work, practical trainings and control measures. The students of medical university are granted with advantages and social privileges within authorities of higher school at the expense of own assets, assets from Ministry of health care and Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, charitable national and foreign funds, local budgets, assets from establishments, enterprises, organizations, firms, some citizens, legal and natural entities of Ukraine and abroad, for achievement of high indices in study and performance of scientific research and public activity:
• Assignment of scholarships from President, Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, Kyiv city state administration, Scientific council of NMU, personal scholarships by famous scientists, charitable national and foreign funds;
• Granting with prizes from Kyiv city state administration, Students’ trade union association in c. Kyiv, Kyiv city council of trade union for employees of health care and from rector’s fund and trade union’s fund;
• Granting with free and privileged permits from trade union of students to visit sport recreation camps, boarding houses, rest houses;
• Awarding with Honorary letter of commendation, letter of commendation, declaring the appreciation with introduction into personal case;
• Granting with free tickets to visit theatres, concerts, other cultural educational establishments at the expense of trade union’s assets;
• Priority right on distribution to postgraduate study, magistracy, clinical residency and choice for employment;
• Sending to probation abroad;
• Including into “Golden honorary book” of the University.
Student’s classroom hours are determined by the number of accounting units of time which are allotted for curriculum and training programs at this level of educational qualification. It includes:
• Training period for the relevant educational level
• Academic year and training course
• Academic semester
• Academic week
• Academic day
• Independent work
• Examinations period
• Practical training
• Vacations

The academic year at the NMU lasts 12 months, starting since September 1.During one academic year the student studies at the appropriate training course. The duration of student stay on the course includes the 1st and 2nd academic semester, final control, practical training (if it is provided by the curriculum) and holidays. Finishing the study at certain course (semester) by student is executed by the order of the Rector about his/her transfer to the next course (assuming full implementation of the curriculum and training programs on the disciplines by the student).Saturday and Sunday are days off. Training sessions lasts 2 or 3 academic hours (the duration of an academic hour is 45 minutes) at strip form of timetable, 4-6 academic hours if the timetable form is cyclic.

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