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MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the hot destinations for excellent education at affordable and competitive pricing. International students find Ukraine more to their liking to Study MBBS in Ukraine. Many students look for good options to pursue their education in medicine.

Study MBBS in Ukraine provides students with many benefits ranging from help in availing loans and scholarships. The students can even work during their study period and get some financial support for their studies. There are a lot number of Indian students who wish to pursue an MBBS degree, but are unable to pursue in India due to the high fees and low number of colleges in India. Studying MBBS in Ukraine is relatively cheaper. We facilitate in all the process in pursuing MBBS in Ukraine right from getting a visa to apply for the best college as per the requirements. We also help in getting loans and in relocating into the colleges and helping them in getting jobs after the education. MBBS in Ukraine is now a trend among Indian students and a lot of Indian students apply for MBBS education in Ukraine.

International students have shown their interest in medical education offered in Ukraine and have been sending queries for MBBS Admission in Ukraine. Some of the renowned Medical Institutions offering Study MBBS in Ukraine Programs are:

MBBS Admission in Ukraine

SEED has included Universities which are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO, IMED and the course is offered in English Language. The duration of MBBS program is for 6 years and the tuition fees per year is even mentioned on the site.
SEED to Study MBBS in Ukraine offers guidance to students by resolving their frequently asked questions like students eligibility of availing a bank loan for funding their MBBS program, necessity of IELTS or TOEFL for pursuing this program in Ukraine and the requirement for appearing for an entrance examination. SEED even offers details of how to prepare for MCI Screening test.

At SEED students can obtain unbiased opinions of the universities and countries they want to pursue their education in. This feature of SEED and its 0% consultation fees charged makes it the best organization in India for students interested in pursuing their further education abroad.

University Financials

S.No. Name of the Medical University Tuition Fee / Year Hostel / Year Insurance / Year One Time Charge (1st Year Only) Total in US$ Estimate in INR
1 Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy US$ 3,500/- US$ 1,000/- US$ 200/- US$ 1,100/- US$ 5,800/- Rs. 3,48,000/-
2 Lugansk State Medical University US$ 3,800/- US$ 950/- US$ 250/- US$ 750/- US$ 5,750/- Rs. 3,45,000/-
3 Poltava Ukrainian Medical and Dental University US$ 3,800/- US$ 700/- US$ 300/- US$ 400/- US$ 5,200/- Rs. 3,12,000/-
4 Zaporozhye State Medical University US$ 4,000/- US$ 800/- US$ 250/- US$ 450/- US$ 5,500/- Rs. 3,30,000/-
5 Odessa National Medical University US$ 4,000/-* US$ 600/- US$ 200/- US$ 1,200/- US$ 6,000/- Rs. 3,60,000/-
6 Sumy State University Medical School US$ 4,000/- US$ 700/- US$ 400/- US$ 600/- US$ 5,700/- Rs. 3,42,000/-
7 Lviv National Medical University US$ 4,300/- US$ 600/- US$ 200/- US$ 1200/- US$ 6,300/- Rs. 3,78,000/-
8 V.N. Karazina Kharkiv National University US$ 4,200/-** US$ 1,000/- US$ 200/- US$ 1,000/- US$ 6,400/- Rs. 3,84,000/-
9 Kharkiv National Medical University US$ 4,300/- US$ 1,000/- US$ 200/- US$ 1000/- US$ 6,500/- Rs. 3,90,000/-
10 Vinnitsia National Medical University US$ 4,400/- US$ 600/- US$ 200/- US$ 1200/- US$ 6,400/- Rs. 3,84,000/-
11 Donetsk National Medical University US$ 4,400/- US$ 1000/- US$ 300/- US$ 750/- US$ 6,450/- Rs. 3,87,000/-
12 Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University US$ 4,200/- US$ 1000/- US$ 200/- US$ 1,200/- US$ 6,600/- Rs. 3,96,000/-
13 Kiev National Medical University US$ 4,300/- US$ 1,200/- US$ 200/- US$ 1,200/- US$ 6,900/- Rs. 4,14,000/-

*Fee Increases every year by US$ 300/- (Rs. 18,000/-) ** 2nd year onwards US$ 3,200/- per year (Rs. 1,92,000/-)

The above Universities are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO, IMED etc. and the course is taught in English Medium.

* USD 1 = Rs. 60/- approximately. Estimate in Indian Currency can change based upon the Foreign Exchange Rate.