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european teaching university


1 ) Very pleasant atmosphere
2 ) 100% corruption free country
3 ) 90% Christian population
4 ) *English speaking    country*
5 ) 0% Pollution
6 ) Very safe country
7 ) European country
8 ) Developed country like US,UK,CANADA, AUSTRALIA
9 ) Indian food available
10 ) Excellent hostel facility
11) Course duration is only *5 years*
12) *FREE*MCI screening test coaching from first year on wards with Indian professors with in the campus

TUITION FEE 2250$ PER SEMISTER( RS.1,46,000/-)

HOSTEL & MESS 1000$ PER SEMISTER(65,000/-)


European University was founded in 1995.The institution is focused on training using the European model,competitive to grow up students,per the demands of international market,

European University faculty of medicine is well-known for its rich,interdisciplinary curriculum,top class professors and medical practitioners and an excellent library and electronic database.The university has developed partnerships with other leading universities and provides the best possible international student experience.

The students enjoy friendly environment and support throughout their studies.The teaching and research facilities are located in the center  of the city where we have the virtual clinics equipped with modern technologies.European University also offers extra curriculum activities,including sports and art activities,excursions,and cultural awareness tours.

Many foreign students are studying at the institution,including the Ukraine,Africa,Bangladesh etc.The university provides a special service for the agency,which helps foreign students to shelter,food and security related issues.

European university has educational campuses in Tbilisi and lagodekhi.

Institution implements acc redited Bachelor and Masters Programs in the following areas:

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Business administration
  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Information technology



The objective of the program is to prepare specialists in the field of medicine for professional practice.


Certified Medical Educational program(English)

  • Language of Instruction:English
  • Type of the Educational program:Academic
  • Status of the programme-Accredited
  • Degree Qualification: Medical Doctor,MD
  • Duration:10/12 semesters
  • Program Capacity:360 credits
  • Preconditions to enrollment in a single step education program:
  • Foreign citizens and stateless persons who have received secondary or equivalent education in a forffff

Foreign  country;

  • Individuals who currently study/have studied in a foreign country and have received credits at an academic institution recognized under the laws of that country.


Program Relevance

Medicine is the most important pillar of the healthcare sector,which applies not only to human health,but also to human life.This diversity of pathologies,and its variability caused by the influence of social and enviromential factors,cause the allocation of new nosological entities (diseases),which require deep knowledge and high qualification of a doctor,as well as as constant updating  of knowledge and professional development.


The objective of the program is to prepare specialists in the field of the health care for professional practice.Not just to provide theoretical knowledge to the graduates of the program,but also to develop clinical skills and from ethical Univevalues which are very important for the professions.The goal is to educate the specialists through providing high quality teaching and training,so that based on the integration of the theoretical and practical knowledge they will know the ways to improve the health of patients and the public,as they learn in norm and pathology:


The program is based on the ECTS-European Credit Transfer and Accumulations System,it is student oriented and is focused on the academic workload required to achieve the objectivies of the academic program.

The program consists of 360 credits.1 credit=25 hours.360 credit hours=9,000 hours. Units of credit(in hours) refeclts the amount of work that  is needed  for thestudent to master one component of the program and to achieve the learning outcomes.

Credit includes contact and independent work hours.

Its is recommended for the students to obtain an average of 30 credits(30 credits =750 hours) per semester, and 60 credits per year, however ,given the scale of the individual student student  workland,the amount of credits can be more or less than 60,but cannot exceed 75.


Single step medical academic certificate program consist of 360 credits distributed in the following manner:

  • Language componeny-10 credit
  • University elective course-6 credit
  • University compulsory couses-8 credits
  • Specialty elective course-10 credit
  • Specialty elective course-296 credit
  • Specialty elective course-10 credit
  • Research component-10 credit
  • Clinical practice component-20 credits

The program is focused on providing the students which knowledge and skills in the field of medicine necessary to obtain the academic degree of medical doctor. The development of necessary competencies for the achievement of the above-mentioned result,is based synthesis of various.

COLLEGE FEE 2250 USD PER SEMESTER (INR aprox Rs.146,250/-) per semester